DevRel Lead

The role

You will lead thirdweb’s Developer Relations function, driving awareness of our full-stack development tools amongst Web3 native builders. You will be responsible for increasing mindshare amongst developers through building apps, creating content, writing guides, shooting videos and driving ecosystem initiatives such as hackathons and events.

What a typical week might look like

  • Brainstorm an app or solution to build using thirdweb’s tools.
  • Collaborate with thirdweb’s design, product and engineering teams to build a fully functional app.
  • Build an MVP, deploy it to mainnet and write a social media post about the app and how you built it - with a focus on Twitter and Farcaster.
  • Interact with developers on social media, supporting them to build apps with our tools and raise awareness of our product suite.
  • Work with the marketing team to create content around a new thirdweb product, including a blog post, technical deep dive and guide.
  • Host an in-person thirdweb hackathon at our SF or NYC offices, meeting developers and supporting their journey.
  • Engage with a large web3 community of developers, companies and auditors across the industry

What we're looking for

  • 2 years of experience in a DevRel or Engineering role.
  • Proficiency with web3 development, including Solidity.
  • The ability to build an MVP end-to-end.
  • Experience in technical writing and a good understanding of how to create content.
  • Deep understanding of the web3 industry and an interest and passion for contributing to the crypto ecosystem
  • Excited about working in a fast-paced environment with high autonomy and ownership over your role.
  • A self-starter in proposing and carrying out technical solutions to ambiguous business problems