Software Engineer, Infrastructure

The role

You will work in a small team of engineers to own infrastructure that powers thousands of decentralized applications built with thirdweb. You will make key decisions on architecture, developer experience, and implementation of key technologies that handle decentralized storage, blockchain nodes, blockchain analytics pipeline, and low-latency indexing for smart contracts.

What a typical week might look like

  • Plan, develop, and support core products for decentralized storage uploader, data infrastructure, and indexers.
  • Collaboratively brainstorm solutions to customer challenges, plan new features, and extract learnings to improve processes and product.
  • Communicate with customers to assist in integrating thirdweb into their application or platform.
  • Outside-the-box critical thinking in solution designs to push the limit of decentralization without compromising user experiences.
  • Lead projects to achieve high operational excellence and availability for backend services.
  • Research latest advancements in the web3 industry including vendors, competitors, trends, and specifications.

What we're looking for

  • Have 2+ years experience on a software development team for a developer-focused product
  • Have experience in Typescript, Python, Go or Rust
  • Have experience in automating software delivery orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Are passionate to work with and push the boundaries of decentralized technologies
  • Are excited about working in a fast-paced, unstructured environment that prioritizes delivering impact and learning over process
  • Are curious about technology outside of your direct expertise and have an appetite for learning
  • Are a self-starter in proposing and carrying out technical solutions to ambiguous business problems
  • Know when and how to make calculated tradeoffs to meet the needs of the customer and business

Bonus Points

  • Experience in developer-first products (SDKs, API design, technical documentation)
  • Experience in blockchain development and technologies (EVM, L2, Solana, Flow, NEAR, Cosmos)
  • Experience in owning high-scale, real-time systems

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